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Inflatable Bucking Bronco Hire
16ftx16ft Inflatable Bucking Bronco can be used for both indoor and outdoor events (9ft height clearance is needed).
The mechanical Bull is soft bodied with an inflatable arena for your safety, suitable for children and adults.
• Perfect for fun days, corporate events, birthdays, fund raising events, stag and hen parties.
Hire cost from £200 (This price also includes operator costs)
Inflatable Gladiator Ring with padded pugil sticks
The Gladiator Ring can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.
Requires an overall space of approx 25ftx25ft and 12ft height clearance. Balance challenging fun as the two competitors try to knock each other off their gladiator podium with the padded pugil sticks.
Hire cost from £99 (ages 6-adult)
Inflatable Boxing Ring
Inflatable Boxing Ring 18ftx18ft can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.
Suitable for both children and adults, with it's super giant padded boxing gloves, box your friends and family
in the knowledge that the only thing that will be bruised will be their ego's.
Hire costs from £99 (ages 8-adult)
Inflatable Bungee Run
Inflatable Bungee Run 12ftx35ft can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.
Suitable for both children and adults, Two contestants put on harnesses with giant bungee cords, the participants
try to place Velcro bean bags at the furthest possible point before the cord pulls them back down the racing lane.
Hire cost from £200 (manned)
Sumo Wrestling Suits + Wrestling Mats
Sumo Wrestling Suits 15ftx15ft can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.
The official object of the game is to either push, pull, trip, or throw your opponent out of the circle
on the mat, or force them onto their backs.
Hire costs from £85 (junior and adults suits available)
Inflatable Ball Pool
Inflatable Ball Pool 12ftx12 suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
With over 3000 brightly coloured balls, the inflatable and netted walls keep the balls contained within the enclosure. Ideal for children under the age 10.
Hire cost from £80
Inflatable Bouncy Castles
Bell Bouncy Castles have a large variety of inflatable bouncy castles of all shapes and sizes,
please contact us with your requirements and we can advise you on the best castle that will suit you.
Ideal for birthdays, private functions, fun days, fetes, corporate events and much more.
Hire cost from £35
For any bookings or enquiries please contact us @ Bell Bouncy Castles Blackpool.

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